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Simplicity, thinking long term, and relentlessly pursuing efficiency and high quality in everything I do is what drives who I am. I am eager to implement environmentally, socially and financially sustainable opportunities as a leader where I can share my passion for energy efficiency and conservation, operational excellence, environmentally conscious innovation, investment in clean technologies and continuous improvement practices. My passions lie in driving sustainable action that supports economic growth and prosperity in a low carbon future and creating environmentally and socially desired carbon-negative plastics that can be reused and fully recycled for perpetual use. In my free time, you may find me hiking in the Rockies or sailing on the West Coast.

What I've Been Up To

Feb 10, 2016
Freshwater Conservation Strategies for the Energy Industry. Continuing the Conversation: Water Wisdom II. Calgary Petroleum Club - Speaker

Nov 19, 2015 
IGNITE! presented by WPC (Word Petroleum Council) - Speaker
Sparking Ideas in Calgary's Energy Industry
"Clean and Green Hydrocarbons"

October 2015 
Canadian Shale Water Recycling and Reuse Congress - Speaker
"Alternative Water Sources: To improve long term cost of fracking and other oil and gas operations" 

April 2015 
Artificial Lift & Horizontal Production Cost Reduction Congress - Speaker
"Choosing the best Artificial Lift; the first step to profitability" 

March 2014
Artificial Lift& Production Optimization Canada Congress - Speaker
"Reducing Downtime and Maximizing Production Economics"

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